Automotive Car technologies – Plan your future journey with unexpected advances that flare an awe experience

Nowadays, there are self-driven carsself-driven cars on the road right now that can effectively drive themselves, park without any human intervention, and even update themselves wirelessly without ever leaving the driveway. Seems pretty incredible, is it so?

Electric ignition, automatic windshield wipers, power steering, airbags, cruise control and many more granted are slowly emerging in our day-to-day life.

Major is in the realm of safety, but few are pure convenience. Advanced the self-driving cars, below is the listing which is going to be a bang in the upcoming interconnected world:

Automatic liftgates

If your hands are full of groceries in the pouring rain, then what about the contribution of automotive in that? Here is the solution with automatic liftgate alias the hands-free liftgate. Though the “foot-activated” system didn’t always work properly — simply walk up to your vehicle with the key fob in range and the car will sense it and automatically open for you.

Keyless entry and push-button start

We’re approaching an era, where old-fashioned car keys will go the route of the floppy disc made us obsolete, clumsy, and forgotten. Once inside, you’ll find yet a function made possible by the key fob —push-button start. Just hit the switch and go.

Traffic light prediction

Wouldn’t it be good to know exactly when the traffic light was going to change in your route? If you are going to spend a lot of time around the same place, this information could make your commute a whole lot more bearable, and it could even save you money. Believe it or not, there actually with this info on hand, you could safely finish a text or take a much-needed sip of coffee, and you could even time the lights as you go, allowing you to coast and save your time and money.

Cars sales stay low and slow, but the self-drive rental carself-drive rental car, own driving car rentalown driving car rental in Coimbatore with new technologies for vehicles are appearing at a blistering pace. Typically, innovative features from the manufacturers are offered on higher-end cars as options and eventually trickle down to less expensive vehicles as cost declines, and demand grows.

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